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Escrow Platform

Our beta escrow platform will lay the foundation for a much larger scale implementation. This platform will grow into a Masternode Hosting Service as well as a platform for coin swaps to take place to make the process easier.

Masternode Hosting

Our escrow platform will make the process of buying entire nodes much easier, instead of waiting to buy nodes piece by piece on exchanges, you can navigate to our platform to purchase entire nodes.

Guardian Escrow Bank

Pre-mined coins for any platform can be stored by each developer, and then announced to investors, to ease fears of these coins being dumped on an exchange.

Coin Swap Platform

Our escrow platform will serve as the easiest method of performing a coin swap in crypto, any project will be able to approach us, and we will be able to facilitate their coin swap needs.


Q3 2018

Mac wallet release Escrow beta version release Additional exchange listing

Q4 2018

Android wallet release Android escrow service release Coin swap platform official sale

Q1 2019

Expanding team of developers Start developing Guardian hosting service

Q2 2019

Start developing 'Guardian escrow bank' Grand launching of escrow service





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